From the seed that chances to lodge in a suitable niche, a seedling emerges. Greeting sunlight, it reaches skyward to perform its function of anchorage, support, food storage and absorption of water and soil nutrients.

Throughout its life, the tree, one of nature's true miracles, cleans the air, helps keep the climate in check and produces timber.

After a lifetime of work, the tree is rewarded with a second life through the efforts of the skilled craftsmen at Glen Armand Furniture Inc. Our expert craftsmen take these raw boards, study their qualities, textures, grains and properties to create exquisite hand crafted furniture. Old world techniques, expert knowledge of proportion and competent craftsmanship indicate the skill and experience of Louisiana's most skilled artisans.

Glen Armand fine Hand-Crafted furniture is built one piece at a time for you, the customer. This quality work is accomplished using only the finest woods from around the world along with proven construction methods for a lifetime of service. In the Photo Gallery you will find examples of our work and be able to see the variety, quality and depth of craftsmanship we are able to offer.
Featured Products
Our Specialities
Hand crafted quality furnishings which include: dining tables, dining chairs, upholstered chairs, sofas, occasional tables, beds and case goods ( chests, buffets, consoles and cabinetry), contract furnishings including board room tables.
Furniture restoration, repairs and upholstering are also available from Glen Armand.
  • “I was nervous ordering a dining table for the first time before seeing it. The entire transaction could not have been better. Excellent service, on time delivery, beautiful piece of furniture. I am very happy!”
    - Susan Williams
  • “Glen has been a delight to work with on many different occasions. He completes the work on time and there are never any surprises. Highly recommended!”
    - Joe Morrow Ashley Hall Interiors New Orleans
  • “Glen was able to restore and rebuild all our damaged furniture from Katrina along with reproducing several items lost. We were never so pleased to see our furniture restored so professionally. A pleasure to deal with!”
    - Billy Sizeler Architect New Orleans
  • “Glen is my choice for custom furniture. His work and reputation precede him. Quality exacting work for the high end clients I service. Delivered and installed any where in the country in perfect condition. One of my go-to guys for demanding clients!”
    - Connie Buckner Interior Design San Francisco
  • “Glen has been like a diamond in the rough for me. Exceptional work and quality. There is no limit to what he can do! I highly recommend him.”
    - Guy Ransonnet Interior Design Lafayette, Louisiana
  • “I have worked with Glen for many years creating custom designs for personal use and have contracted with him to produce 250 entertainment units specifically for one of our hotel properties. His work is as expected and on time. I value knowing the craftsman personally. ”
    - Carey Bond New Orleans
  • “We chose to use Louisiana Craftsmen to furnish several of our facilities. Glen Armand was one chosen to produce the writing desks for each of our room here at International House and many peices for the lobby at the Loft Suites. His work is still in use today!”
    - Sean Cummings International House New Orleans
  • “I have chosen Glen Armand to produce several high end board room tables and custom one-of-a-kind designs that demanded the utmost quality. Glen has been a great asset to have available to myself and clients for custom work. Delivery and installations are a breeze!”
    - Connie Howard Woodvale Interior Designs Ruston, Louisiana
  • “When you need what you can not find anywhere else, we have leaned on Glen to reproduce them. He has done several exquisite pieces of furniture in the past for us. Quality is matched only by other experts in thier field!”
    - Dean Coe @ Jon Vaccari Interior Design New Orleans
Contact information
Glen Armand Furniture Inc.
1019 Twin Bridges Rd.
Alexandria, Louisiana 71303
Business Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 7am-5pm, Friday by appointment.


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